Dennis and Dionne Newton

Dennis and Dionne Newton
Dennis & Dionne Newton

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Faces of Sarajevo

Discover Something Glorious

A month ago I posted a story about Kierkegaard's parables of two that searched the world for a face to paint that would be worthy of his great talent...the other content to paint the faces of his friends and neighbors in whom he found much beauty. "I have not found a face so insignificant that I could not discern in it a more beautiful side and discover something glorious." Kierkegaard concludes that the second of the two was the "artist."

Today's post is sublimely simple. Dionne and I have taken some pictures of some of the wonderful people here in Sarajevo. Without comment, I wish to just share some of their many faces. Most of the faces are random people going about their daily lives here. (OK, you might recognize the 5-6 faces).

Etched on these faces is character, endurance, hope, light, survival, innocence, and glory. Like Kierkegaard's second artist, we feel we discover something glorious as we walk among our friends in Bosnia and look into their faces. These are the true picture of our Sarajevo. Sarajevo is not Pigeon Square, the Bobsled run, or Avaz Tower. Sarajevo is all of these wonderful faces.

50 Random Faces of Sarajevo


These are mostly random pictures and we do not know most of subjects. With only a few exceptions, we did not ask permission to take most of these pictures. 

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  1. An amazing series of photos...thank you for sharing them. Were people surprised when you asked if you could take their photo? I wonder what people in the NY would if you walked around taking their pictures.